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    I understand there are multiple of complications and queries that the fact Donald Trump won as well as some happiness from people who prefer him over Clinton. But, let's get focus on this these questions.

    Personally, I would've liked if Bernie Sanders, whom wasn't selected as a Democrats Presidential Candidate, won but Hilary Clinton was given the opportunity over him so I would obviously pick her. But, never mind about what I think, the disappointment you may encounter right now or any other feelings or thoughts you may have, let's on the future and what Trump will offer the US and to other countries.

    The fact that I have a French nationality(live in the UK tho) and Black as well as Muslim makes me a threat and obviously the votes we received from the EU referendum has impacted my family. Despite living here for 13 years, there is an obvious resentment to foreigners like myself and our current PM could possibly restrict my rights. As well as the remarks Donald Trump has made obviously attacks me in multiple directions but the US public has decided for him to become leader and us, as nationally and globally, must abide to what the popular vote has given us.

    Idealistically, wouldn't you revolt against the system? This vote clearly shows how much people detest immigrants and their vote is entrenched with this clearly evident problem but the question, why? What made us hate our brothers, sisters and rebel against humanity? What makes an immigrant different from anyone else? Simply, nothing. You can't say that immigrants are the real life Koba and Caesar as well as human beings need to eradicate the existence of Koba.

    This pathetic excuse reinforces the political agenda of realism. The fact that Donald Trump directly insults states such as Afghanistan, North Korea, Palestine and Iran but they choose to bow down to him clearly shows the nature of the international system is 'insatiable, arrogant, crafty' and this enables nation states 'seeking power after power'.

    It is clear to say this result shows the US is becoming unilateral and that states are going against the wishes of their people to follow a nation state that is completely against their own for the sake of 'power'.

    Despite, what Donald Trump will do or is going to do is complete rubbish to me now and in the future. I generally had hopes for humanity to co-operate fully in every sector of our lives which will then lead to the 'perpetual peace' fellow renowned philosopher Immanuel Kant once said.

    I know some of you may say how I'm rather too pessimistic or I should become more idealistic but the events from the consistent inability of states holding Russia accountable to 'Jihadists' killing people in the name of God makes me wonder if this is truly the end of the human race.

    It could be argued to a certain extent the fault of all of this is democracy and how we should possible finally follow what Karl Marx and Fredirch Engels stated in 'The Communist Manifesto' by going against the elite system.

    This stage we should wait and see if Donald Trump will be the President 'of all Americans'. Any complication is shown, despite how idealistic you may it will be, the world should realise that these problems are affecting us, the younger generation, so we must take control of our future, once and for all.
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