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    I live in first year accommodation in a mixed flat and there's a girl living opposite me. I began to like her from the moment I met her but obviously didn't really want to pursue it as I thought things could get awkward. On Halloween four of the six in our flat went to a club and I got absolutely hammered, more so than the other three although we were all pretty wasted. I vaguely remembered getting with a girl late on in the night but by this point I was well past coherent memory.

    Two days later we all go out again to a different club and my other female flatmate asks me what I remember from the other night. I say not much and she tells me that I got with the girl opposite me. Once again, we got pretty drunk and we both ended up saying that we were into each other and getting off a bit more. I asked her back to my room but she said she wanted to take things slow which, in hindsight, was a very good idea. We chatted a bit in the kitchen the next day and it wasn't awkward at all seeing as she lives locally so spends a good deal of her week away from the flat.

    I took the gamble and asked her out for a drink and she said yes. We set a date a few days later and she text me twice saying she was looking forward to it. Out of nowhere, two hours before we're supposed to meet she sends me a text asking if we should just leave it so as not to make things awkward.

    Obviously this has cranked the awkward from about a 2 all the way up to 11.
    Is it even worth pursuing? I do like her and I'm 99% sure she likes me (she told me she did) so what's the craic?

    Sorry it's a long one.
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    Probably not for now. She probably feels that a relationship between both of you is not possible or it just won't work out. Because she lives opposite you, it may be awkward indeed if it doesn't work and as you said, things became pretty awkward already with that text she sent you. Maybe give it time, build up a friendship with her and see how things work out down the line. I would suggest you don't just focus on her though.

    She flaked you, might not even be into you tbh

    She's probably scared of both the consequences that may occur as well as the date itself. I was talking to a random girl last night and said she had date with someone the following day, but because she was so scared she was thinking of cancelling it.
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