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Dear all,

Long time lurker, newish poster.

I was called to the bar about 18 months ago and have acquired pre and post call a considerable amount of legal work experience. I discovered today that the BSB offers reductions in pupillage up to and including obviation of the requirement entirely.

I'm curious if anyone has ever done one of these and if so, how'd it go?
Crazy Jamie
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I've not made such an application myself, but have come across various barristers that have. It should be noted that it is probably harder to get a reduction than you might think. One of my friends managed to get a reduction of (I think) 3 months for each part, but by the time he got pupillage he had been an in house advocate for about three years doing some pretty substantial hearings. The only practising barristers that I know of who have been successful in applying to not have to do a pupillage at all are former solicitors or CPS advocates with long term experience of litigation and advocacy.

In your situation it depends very much what you mean by a 'considerable amount of work experience'. If you've effectively been working as a paralegal during that time I would have thought you'd struggle to get any sort of reduction. If you have been gathering advocacy experience you may be on your way to a position where you can get a reduction depending on what you've been doing, but I wouldn't have thought you'd be there yet solely on the basis of time scales. Actually managing to negate the requirement entirely realistically requires prior experience that almost amounts to alternative career. It's not something that as far as I am aware you'd be able to secure in the short or even medium term.

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