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House share - have to pick between two groups! watch

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    I'm in my first year of uni, and people are starting to figure out groups to share houses with for next year. I have two groups of friends and they have both asked me to share a house with them, and both seem to think that I've already agreed. I feel like I really need to make a decision soon, but I don't have a clue who to choose.

    Group A - made up of three girls I already know, and a boy who is a friend of one of the other girls who I haven't met. They have assumed that I have said yes, and added me to a group chat and everything.
    Pros - quiet, so I will be able to get work done easily
    They don't drink, like me, so I won't be the only non-drinker
    3/4 of them are on my course
    They asked me first
    Cons - I'm worried that it will be too quiet, and no one will socialize.
    One of the girls is quite clingy, follows me and my other friends around etc. I also find it difficult to chat with her as she doesn't really seem to make much of an effort to talk to me.

    Group B - three other girls I know well, and they want to find a couple of other people so we have a house of 6.
    Pros - I think they are more fun to be around
    All the people already in the group are on my course
    I've known them much longer than the other group
    Cons - they all drink and like going out, which I don't. I'm worried they might find me a bit boring to live with.
    I think some of them might be a bit messy.
    I don't know who the other two people are going to be, so I'm reluctant to agree in case I don't get on with the other two people.

    My gut instinct is group B, but A asked me first and I feel bad for them, especially as they have assumed that I am sharing with them. Any advice? Opinions?

    I mean, if you haven't said yes, you haven't really broken any promises. I would always go with the group of people that you like more, not the group you want to avoid displeasing. After all, you are spending a year with them.

    I thought group A sounded better... but go with your gut feeling, you have to live with them so you need to be happy with the decision. Just tell them asap so they're not wasting time.
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