Is Business Economics good at Westminster

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Looking to do Economics at Westminster, and I'm interested in the course and its strengths and weaknesses along with overall student life
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Hi there the economics course her is great. Im currently 2nd year so I can explain how the 1st year course is like. Obviously throughout your studies you'll study microeconomics macroeconomics and econometrics(3rd year for the latter). The micro and macro content in the first year is theoretical as of expected and your macro and micro theory is then applied in your quantitative module which is the mathematical part. Alevel maths isn't a compulsory however I did Alevel Maths and that helped me thoroughly however not having it doesn't disadvantage you. Moreover, I think the weakness is the amount of group work only in the 1st year as the lecturers assign you into groups and you do more group work than individual as they want all the students to know each other etc. Which for me was a weakness as I love working individually. Currently I am in 2nd year and I find that there is less group work and more independence. In terms of student life being in London is always an advantage as your close to tourist attactrions etc so there is definitely something to do while you're there. Any ways there is a sum up if you need any more info don't hesitate to reply. Many thanks Hana

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