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Tombre's GCSE GYG watch

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    Tombre's GCSE Journey and GYG

    Hi, I'm Tom and this is going to be my Year 11 GCSE journey and revision blog. I'm currently in Year 11 and I have GCSE exams in January and the summer.

    I study:


    English Literature
    English Language
    RS Short Course - Religion and Life Issues


    Unfortunately, it is also compulsory for me to do the Welsh Baccalaureate, which is comprised of the Global Challenge, Community Challenge, Enterprise and Employability Challenge and the Personal Project. I've done all except Enterprise and Employability.

    In Year 8-9 I also completed a Welsh Short Course GCSE and I achieved a B.

    With the 10 full GCSEs and short courses, I will have 11 GCSEs in total.

    Because I'm in Wales, I got to do some GCSE modules in Year 10 and I achieved:


    Biology (50% complete)
    B1 - A (66/80 UMS), B2 - A* (79/80 UMS)
    I also completed the Controlled Assessment in September and I'm worried it will drag my grade down, as I perform much better in exams than CAs.
    I'm sitting B3 in May and I'm hoping for another A*.

    Physics (50% complete)
    P1 - A (71/80 UMS), P2 - A (69/80 UMS)
    Like Biology, I did the CA in September and worried it will drag my grade down, although I am hoping I got a high A*, as I would like an A* overall.
    I'm sitting P3 in May and it's my favourite module so would like an A*.

    Chemistry (25% complete)
    C1 - A* (78/80 UMS)
    I'm sitting C2 in January and C3 in May. I'm doing the CA in January/February time. I'm hoping to achieve an A* in all remaining modules.

    Geography (40% complete)
    Unit 1 - A* (79/80 UMS)
    I did Unit 3.1 (fieldwork) back before the summer and am getting an estimated grade for this in December. I'm doing Unit 3.2 (DME) in January and the Unit 2 exam in May.

    Today I sat the final paper of my Maths GCSE (I also sat Numeracy last week). I get the results on January 19th. I may do Additional Maths, depending on the result.
    In January I have my C2 exam and my English Literature Unit 1 exam.



    January 4th - English Literature Unit 1 - Of Mice and Men and Unseen Poetry

    January 10th - Chemistry 2 - Atoms, Bonding and Chemical Change

    January 19th - Mathematics and Maths-Numeracy GCSE results day

    March - January Modules results day

    These are the results I would like to achieve. I'm aiming high, but there's nothing wrong with that


    English Literature - A*
    English Language - A*
    Maths-Numeracy - A
    Maths - A/A*
    Biology - A*
    Chemistry - A*
    Physics - A/A*
    Geography - A*
    Drama - A*
    Spanish - A
    RS - A*

    For A Level I want to take English Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
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    My Priorities For The Next Few Weeks (some of the busiest weeks I've had tbh)

    Revise C2.1, C2.2, C2.3 and C2.4 (Atomic Structure and Periodic Table, Halogens and Alkali Metals, Materials and Bonding and Properties, Rate of Chemical Change)
    Learn C2.5, C2.6 and C2.7 (Basic Organic Chemistry, Chemical Calculations and Water)

    Reread Of Mice and Men
    Practise essay planning and writing
    Revise key themes
    Learn key quotes
    Read and analyse poetry
    Practise comparing poems

    Write and learn a Spanish essay. "Write a blog post about your favourite sport. Include why sport is healthy and a new sport you would like to try".
    Write up and study all vocabulary learnt so far this year - mainly health and wellbeing.

    Do Drama past papers
    Ensure all music is ready for devised piece. Write up everything we've done.

    Do an RS past paper.
    Revise Our World, Relationships and Looking For Meaning
    Do further reading on Is It Fair?

    Do further reading on B3, P3 and Geog Theme 10 (Tourism)
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    Today I:

    Revised the theme of dreams in OMAM.
    Looked at how to approach the extract question in the Literature exams.
    Discussed possible improvements with our drama piece, I seem to have a different opinion on the way direction it should take to others in the group.
    Revised C2.5b and C2.5c (Alkanes and Alkenes).
    Did some further reading on P3.1 and taught myself about The Motor Effect.
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    Today I:

    Summarised each section of OMAM.
    Revised Hydrogenation and reactions of bromine and alkenes.
    Revised Addition Polymerisation.
    Written a draft for my Spanish Controlled Assessment.
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    Today I:

    Reread OMAM, whilst listening to the audiobook. I love it even more this time around.
    Revised addition reactions, polymers, thermoplastics, thermosets and uses of plastics.

    In school we (my day was short, as I had an orthodontist appointment in the morning):

    Had our first lesson of B3. We studied transportation, however I missed the first half and need to catch up as I didn't get the theory behind it and the notes I copied didn't make much sense to me.
    Had our second lesson of Geography Theme 10 (3rd for me, as I finished my Controlled Assessment early). We looked at the Life Cycle Model of tourism, approaching Tourism exam questions and why tourism is changing.
    Completed C2.5 - Basic Organic Chemistry.

    I'm looking forward to the next few weeks in school, as B3 and P3 seem really interesting and I can't wait to get fully stuck into them, we'll be starting Additional Maths, we'll be completing C2 really soon and hopefully I can ace my Spanish writing controlled assessment and get it over and done with for good. I'm not looking forward to actually learning the controlled assessment and the internal mocks that are coming next week (apparently, although I know literally no details about them aaaaahhhh).
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    It's been a while, but I am back.

    In my absence I sat my Spanish Unit 4 Controlled Assessment (written essay about skiing, benefits of sport and a sport I want to try), I did a Religion and Life Issues mock exam and in classes I:

    English - Looked at exam technique for the 10 mark extract questions. My Unit 1 mock (OMAM and Poetry) is this Thursday and I have been revising for that.
    Maths - Completing the square, surds, quadratic simultaneous equations. We're doing A Level stuff until results day for our GCSEs (January). My maths teachers have been encouraging me to take it for A Level for medicine, but I'm really not sure, I really want to do Triple Science and Literature, my school is a bit hesitant to let people do 4 (mainly for very very able students or those applying to competitive courses), let alone 5!
    Biology - Continued with B3.1 (Plants, Water and Nutrients). I adore Biology, but this topic is the worst I have ever done in the subject - I have no interest in it. I'm super excited for B3.2 (Circulation) and B3.3 (The Nervous System).
    Chemistry - Finished Organic Chemistry, now finishing up Chemical Calculations and Water in preparation for the C2 exam in January.
    Physics - Finished P3.1 (Electromagnetism). Have to do two assessed tasks (6 QWC questions) on this topic this week and next week we'll be moving onto Seismic Waves.
    Geography - Still ploughing through Tourism. We're approaching the end and will be doing a controlled assessment on this theme in January.
    Spanish - Completed the controlled assessment and we're just finishing up cinema. We'll be doing TV next.
    Drama - Working towards our devised piece, I'm so much happier than I was before and I am super looking forward to the final performance.
    RS - Did Religion and Life Issues mock, still ploughing through the Is It Fair? unit.

    I'm also hoping to start doing more extra-curricular activities, as I don't do too many tbh. I attend something called The Young Actors Studio every Sunday, which I thoroughly enjoy. I also go to the gym in my spare time and a few times a week I see a Spanish tutor to assist me with becoming proficient in the language; I have a new one for this school year and I actually had my first session with her today and she is so lovely.

    I am looking into doing some medical work experience and some first aid training. I would also like to take up a sport, as I enjoy sports but have never been the kid who tries out for teams nor is particularly good at team sports. I really dislike football and am worried it's too late to develop skills in rugby. Does anyone have any suggestions of a sport I could try?
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    Today I got my Religion and Life Issues mock back and I got an A*, which I was really happy with! I also did two Electromagnetism assessed tasks in Physics; in my school you have to do the foundation test AND the higher test if you do higher tier, so in the foundation one I reckon I get a D because I missed a few key points and the highest grade is a C and in the higher test I think I got an A or an A*.
    I also had an English extract question back and I had 6/10 which THREW ME, as I've been getting full marks or near enough until now and so that has not helped my confidence the night before the mock. I'm literally writing this in a revision break as I work my arse off.
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    Today I:

    Sat my English Lit Unit 1 mock (Of Mice and Men and Unseen Contemporary Poetry). Honestly I found it hard to judge how I did. The 10 mark extract question, I don't want to dwell on, as the results of the one I did yesterday shattered my confidence in answering them and I can't really predict how I did. I was really proud of my essay, on the theme of friendship, hoping for AT LEAST 15/20 on that. Poetry, again, I can't really say. Comparing unseen poems is usually one of my strengths, but the poems were unusual and hard, though I think I did do reasonably well on my analysis and comparisons. I'm just dreading the results because my entire life I've considered myself good at English and want to take it for A Level, but this is the first time I've put a bunch of my different skills together in one paper (language analysis, essays and context, poetry comparison) and I just hope I didn't mess up; my life will honestly be a lie if I don't do well on this mock.

    Started the topic of Television in Spanish. Next week we have a mock mock (we are doing a practise mock listening before our actual mock to get us back into swing of things) and then we have the actual listening and reading mocks.

    In Maths our teacher wasn't in, so we did some Additional Maths questions about rationalising, factorising, algebraic equations and ratios.

    In Drama we came up with two new scenes, so we only have one last bit to devise before our performance next Wednesday. I actually had Drama for 3 hours, as our group went at lunch to start preparing things, we then had the actual lesson, then an after school rehearsal.

    After school I did absolutely no revision; I have been a work machine these past few weeks. I'll be taking Spanish lightly and then week beginning Sunday 11th, hardcore revision for the January exams begins (English Lit, Chemistry 2 - I want to do do Lit and Chem for A Level, so nailing these exams is essential for me).
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    The Christmas holidays are here! Having January exams is so awful, since this is such a busy time of the year and I need to revise on top of that, but I can manage. I'm aiming to do 2 hours of English Literature every weekday, which will add to about 20. Some days I'll probably do more. I'm also going to do at least 1 hour of Chemistry each day, too. My Chemistry exam is 6 days after English, so I can use that time to flesh out everything, considering I have less available time for the subject now.

    My Main Revision Plans:

    Make a mind-map for all key themes and characters in OMAM.
    Write essay plans for different themes.
    Revise key quotations.
    Practise English exam technique.
    Write up analytical notes.
    Do all C2 past papers.
    Focus on Topic 3, 4 and 7 of Chemistry.
    Write notes for all topics.

    In other news, I'm doing lots of Christmas shopping this week, visiting family in London and trying to see friends where possible. It's all pretty hectic, but all good fun.

    I also managed to get an A* in my English Lit mock! (The only one in the class whoop!)
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    This evening I typed up concise notes on Reactions of Alkali Metals and Halogens and looked at some questions on the topic.
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