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I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, apologies if I'm not but I need some help!

For one of my modules in uni I'm looking into the Vegan diet, and what is needed and what people shop for etc.

However, I am not a Vegan, and therefore do not know what type of products you are lacking when you do your shopping! Where do you do your shopping too btw? Is online better than in stores?

Anyways! When looking online through Google Trends, I did see a link with Vegans are massive foodies and love to cook, and that you have a lack of sweet food as most is made with cream and eggs.

I also found that you could have trouble trying to find lunch options out and about, but did come across places like Pret A Manger and EAT. Who do Vegan meals. I also found that in most cities, Veganism is a growing trend, and therefore cafes and restaurants are starting to expand into that area and serve Vegan food.

My main question is this. Is any of that true?

If I were to make a product, I was thinking of something that you can bake at home, maybe aimed at children, that is sweet - like a brownie or a cupcake etc.

But is any of that even relevant? What is it that you truly struggle to find and would love to order, or buy from the shelves?

Thank you!

Amai ~

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