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(Original post by Wisefire)
I am staggeringly worried and anxious about my Access course not in reality giving me as strong a chance as A-Levels would in gaining offers from any of these universities even if I am on track to do well and meet or exceed grade requirements
If anything an Access has advantages over A Levels in a couple of ways. Firstly, they are usually studied alongside some sort of employment. This demonstrates a level of commitment to study that an A Level student doesn't have. Unis are very aware of this - succeeding at Access is quite a character reference. Secondly, A Levels are "taught to test" - essentially you aren't taught the subject so much as how to pass an exam in the subject. An Access course has a much more uni-style of teaching and learning. It gives a better idea of your potential for uni learning.

Will holding an Access course complicate and disadvantage me in applications to postgraduate positions/degrees, even though, yes, universities do not really look at A-Levels/Level 3 qualifications for PG study?
No, you will not be disadvantaged purely by holding an Access qualification rather than A Levels.

EDIT: happy to see that Mods have moved your question where you might get more replies.

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