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I'm applying for a job at a Hollister store - not as a 'Floor Model' or anything sales related, but as an 'Asset Protection Agent' (i.e. security within the store).

I'm well aware of the 'looks' policy for sales staff on the shop floor - e.g. you have to effectively be a model to work there on the shop floor, wear Hollister style clothing etc.

Does this 'looks' policy apply to the role I'm applying for? The role will obviously involve being on the shop floor at some point if dealing with shoplifters etc, but it is not a sales role.

I have a shaved head and a beard, and don't fit the 'Hollister' look at all, would rate myself like a 6/7 out of 10 (defo not a model!).

1. Do I need to be "good looking" to do this role - is the policy the same as sales staff?

2. Does the clothing policy extend to the role i'm applying for - will I have to wear Hollister clothing?

3. Will working in this role mean I have to adhere to other parts of the Hollister policy e.g. clean shaven?

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