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    In my class there are three girls who I've been friends with since the start. We sit in a group of four together, although since the beginning of term another girl has joined the group so now it's a group of five. One of the girls in particular has a history of letting me down and only asking me to hang out when there is no one else available. One example was my birthday last year where she was supposed to have a drink with one of our friends and I, and she hadn't let us know till the last second she wouldn't be coming. My friend and I picked up on it and agreed it was rude of her to just not say anything however we decided to let it go. Recently the same girl wanted to go out for Halloween night and everyone else either had no money or wasn't up for it or available. We ended up going together. Today in class I was sitting in my usual spot with a row of spaces next to me and she completely ignored me to sit on the opposite row with our newer addition to the group. I hadn't realised we were a seat short, but this wasn't voiced or explained to me and I wasn't invited to come and join them. I didn't even get a hi or hello, and to be frank, it sucked and I felt unpleasantly surprised as I felt it said a lot about her and how she feels about her relationship with me.

    awwwwww, maybe ask your friends about it. Ur close ones. Id hate to be fifth wheeling. maybe just tell her, "is everything ok, co z u have benn making me feel a bit uncomfratbale recently" like thats it thats all u have to say

    Oh no. I don't have time for people who can't put their balls on the chopping board. No one cares in the first place and outcomes are usually bad anyway so what's all the awkwardness about hahah. No matter how hard I try fair weather friends always frustrate me and I want people to be more involved.
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