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    Ok so I am on holiday in Mexico have enjoyed the trump victory though have been quite around Mexicans because well they don't like the result.

    Now I am fed up of left wing idiots calling me racist or trump supporters racist etc so I thought of adopting the alt right wing frog etc then I noticed a gold mine a simple god send.

    In Mexico their is a clothing brand which is huge in Mexico. I doubt many people will know of this clothing brand in the uk but in Mexico they are bigger then Nike gap adidas etc and they are everywhere. I am talking about a clothing brand called senior frogs which is usually pictures of a happy frog. With a sort of Mexican look.

    Far better then using he alt right frog using the main Mexican clothing brand look which bears strong resemblance to the alt right frog is just a simple gold mine. People will see it and wonder and think alt right frog etc but as soon as they say it, I will just c all hem racist against Mexicans because it's Mexican brand.

    See the gold mine??

    I simply have to get senior frog clothing and baseball caps etc to complete the sort of red neck troll look.

    But one problem most of the senior frogs shirts seem more polite easy going happy etc. I want to find a shirt with a smug senior frog preferably though I think this will be pushing my luck with gold hair.

    Anyone else familiar with senior frogs? Or know if I can find something good on the brand rather then a compromise?


    Haha lol funny meme frog XD
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    Yeah the alt right frog is good but I think senior frogs works better for the reasons I said.

    If only they had a trump senior frogs shirt if only.

    But I guess I will find something that looks alright with senior frogs.
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