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Guy I started dating is a compulsive Liar I met him during a civil engineering competition. He is genuinely a civil engineer with a PhD in a specialist engineering subject. He also genuinely is the director of a team that is taking part in a competition to build a new generation mode of transport (could be a bit too identifying saying that) but he must be a very good engineer to have got into the final stages of the world competition. He came in the top 10 But didn't win so wasn't commissioned to created the model. He and his team still work on it and compete in competitions with it. He is a genuinely intelligent and educated man. My issue is I think he lies about other stuff. He claims he owns a number of businesses but a quick check online shows he was the director of the companies but the companies are now dissolved since 2008. I'm guessing they didn't do well. He does genuinely own a business I've found out online but there is no information on it and it looks like it's almost a fake company or a company website that never really Got off the ground. He's sent Me pictures of his apartment claiming he owns it and he might do as he knows he couldn't get away with claiming to Live someone he doesn't and he has invited me round next week for a house party. He also Claims to own other property And two range rovers. He's sent me two pics of his range rovers but they could be anyone's and seemed very much Like they were taken from someone else as there was no number plate showing and he wasn't sat In them. He claims to own a nightclub. when I asked him the address of the place he claimed to own, A quick Google showed the place had closed down 5 years ago. He had claimed he had owned it for 15 years but it has changed hands many times and stopped being a nightclub many times Over the years and is currently an electronic cigarette shop. He's claiming he still Owns it as a nightclubs. Not only that it is Owned by someone of a completely different name according to the company records and was never owned by someone with his name. He sent me pics of his nightclub and they were nothing like the nightclub he claimed to own, he doesn't realise I have been in there before and the pics he's shown me are not even the same building. He claims to be in meetings with representatives from NASA and while he's a very talented civil Engineer I really Doubt NASA are interested in him! 😂 He claims to earn 50k A month but if he did I Doubt his team would be crowd funding to the extent they are. He's genuinely been on newspapers and magazines talking about his work, he's clearly a talented man so it's a shame he feels the need to Lie but I do truly Believe he's making. These things up. Especially The businesses he claims to own. What would you do? Should I let him know I don't believe his stories and stop going on dates?u Should I say nothing and end contact? Give him a chance to redeem himself?
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