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Does he like me or does he just think I'm a massive creep? watch

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    I'm in my second year at uni and there's this guy in my pre-clac class that I think is cute. I voiced this to my friend and she made it kind of obvious that I think he's cute a couple of times, e. g. once he walked in to class late and we made eye contact, and immediately my friend turned to me and started giggling really loud. I was so shook by this that I started giggling too and we looked like a pair of idiots. He definitely saw that. And then he has also caught me staring at him a couple of times. It's kind of conspicuous that I have a thing for him.

    But a few weird things happened when I saw him in class on thursday. First, when I was standing outside of class with my friends, he stood right opposite us. He usually waits to enter class after the professor comes so maybe this isn't anything new. He did see me, but he wasn't looking at me as far as I knew. But he stood facing me, leaning his back against the wall. Don't know if that means anything.

    Then in class, he sits right at the back and I turned around twice to look at him. Both times, he was already looking at me and he looked ANGRY. His jaw was locked and his face was set in stone. And he didn't look away when he saw me looking at him. After class, I had to walk by him to get to my car, but I was strolling and I was in no rush. When he saw me, he made a gesture to his friend that looked like "let's go".

    It's worth noting I've never even spoken to the dude and from what I know, he keeps to himself and his friends. He doesn't really talk to girls and he has zero social media presence. He's not really shy or anything though - he walks with confidence and jokes with our professor (who's quite young and pretty) so it's not like he can't function around women.

    So? What do you guys think? Why did he seem so angry with me? Should I talk to him? Is he creeped out by me? It's not even like this has been happening for long - maybe only 4 classes so far (two weeks).
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    From what you said, it doesn't sound like he likes you. Though it could be he's shy to approach you or he doesn't like you. The day that he was angry, maybe he was in a bad mood. No sane person would just be pissed off at someone they don't even know. Why don't you say hi to him one day? It's hard to just read the signs from only seeing the guy for 2 weeks, I think you need to talk to him to get a bit more information.
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