Any advice on doing a physics presentation. Watch

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I need to plan and do a presentation in front of my class on Monday. i don't think it will be a problem because i am rather confident around the people and there is only 6 of them. I have the task of doing a short presentation on 'the conservation of energy' i am allowed to use a power point containing only 5 slides and my presentation has to be 5 minutes long no more or less. i have to state what it is and then go on about GPE and KE but that isn't an issue, but my teacher said to explain what "open and closed systems" are and i have no idea what they are i have tried researching it and i just keep seeing things talking about 'thermodynamics' but it feels like that isn't the right thing. so i thought i would try and save myself the possible embarrassment of getting it completely wrong and ask you guys. that may be the right thing but i would rather make sure first . also do you have any tips on doing presentations and keeping to the time limit while also getting all the valuable information across. Thank you in advance
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I had to do a physics presentation on an engineering project a few weeks ago. Some tips I got from it were:

- Be prepared to answer potential questions/make sure you understand what's on the slides. My teacher ended up asking me about a particular method which I just kind of skimmed over on one of the slides, so I wasn't able to answer the question very well. Maybe have a separate sheet of paper with some extra information, which you could use to answer potential questions.
- Print off the slides and use the notes bit underneath. I did this & found it useful as I knew what to say for each slide. You could also annotate the print out to remind yourself to point out a particular thing on the slide (e.g. a picture/equation).
- Keep the information on your slide brief, but go into more detail when speaking. This stops people getting bombarded with lots of info which they probably cba to read
- Do a practise run at home to see how long it is before presenting.

Good luck!! I hope this is somewhat useful

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