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    I'm a teacher and I'm trying to improve lessons for my students by finding more about their motivations and aspirations.
    I need a few students to pilot the questionnaire for any issues.

    1. What do you want to do when you leave school? Any why?

    2. Do you believe you have the ability to reach this goal?

    3. How will you know when you have achieved/succeeded? (Circle all that apply)

    A – I’ve met my parent’s expectations of me.
    B – I’ve met my personal goals (stated in Q1).
    C – I’m achieved the same as my friends.
    D – I’ve achieved what’s expected of me (target grades/school and teacher expectations).
    E – other (clarify).

    4. If you were unable to reach this goal, how would you feel?

    5. It’s results day and you have not achieved your target grades. Whose fault is it? (Circle one

    A – Mine, I didn’t revise or try hard enough. I take full responsibility.
    B – School/teachers/parents, they didn’t support me or help me enough. They are responsible.
    C – Other (clarify)

    6. How would you describe your attitude to school? (Circle one)

    A – I enjoy learning and can cope without my teachers support. I’m responsible for my learning.
    B – I enjoy learning at times and need support from my teacher occasionally. I’m responsible for my learning sometimes.
    C – Learning is okay, I do the minimum I can to please the teacher. I wouldn’t say that I’m responsible for my learning.

    7. During lessons, what distracts you? (Circle all that apply)

    A – Sitting near friends.
    B – Confusion over the topic.
    C – My phone/belongings.
    D – Ongoing personal issues (relationships, family, health).
    E – Situational factors (temperature, light, smells, teachers mood, gossip etc)
    F – Other (clarify)

    8. If you’re confused with homework or a concept in any subject, where do you go for help?

    A – Family.
    B – Classmates.
    C – The teacher.
    D – The internet.
    E – I don’t ask for help.
    F – Other (clarify).

    9. How do you prefer to learn in lessons?

    A – Hands-on (Eg, making things, moving around the room).
    B – Listening and taking notes (Eg, being lectured, discussion, group-work).
    C – Privately (Eg, reading, independently work).
    D – Visual aids (Eg, Making posters or mindmaps. Clear tables of information).
    E – Wider-life links (Eg, Linking content to current society. Real-life situations, Information that will help you in real life)
    F – Other (clarify)

    10. Think about a lesson in any subject where you enjoyed the lesson. What did you do?

    11. In your opinion, what makes a good lesson? (Circle all that apply)

    A – When the teacher is organised (on time, resources, powerpoint etc.)
    B – The teacher clearly knows what they’re talking about.
    C – There are lots of tasks and they’re all different from each other.
    D – Practicing exam questions/preparing for exams in general.
    E – The lesson is fun and exciting.
    F – Other (clarify)

    12. Thinking about Psychology lessons, how can we help you? Leave any suggestions below:
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