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Stressing about exams (¤﹏¤) watch

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    For the past few weeks i have been extremely stressed about my GCSEs. It's gotten to the point where i have had to ask to go to the toilets at school, just to calm down.

    The thing is, people will just tell me to "stop stressing so much" and stuff but it's not that easy. My thoughts race and then i start questioning my capability and stuff and it just makes me feel so unmotivated. My grades have fallen as well. For example in English i used to get A's and B's but now i'v gone to D's and C's. In science i used to get A's and B's now i'm at C's, D's and my worst (which was my last mock exam in year 10) was a U. I believe my grades have dropped due to my anxiety surrounding these exams.

    On Thursday, my science teacher was giving out our year 10 mock papers and i honestly wanted to cry. I got a D in Biology, D in chemistry and a U in physics. But the weird thing is, i revised so so hard for these, especially my Physics yet i cam out with nothing but fails. I kinda just wanted to give upon school at that point.

    However, my science teacher had a word with me last week as he noticed my anxiety and he offered to give me some 1-1 lessons at lunch which i have been to 3 times and has helped quite a bit. But then the night after one of these lessons, i went and revised for 5 hours and just stressed out even more.

    How do i manage all this? How do i revise properly? How do i get through school while i just feel so tired and stressed out?!

    Thank you for taking your time to read this xx

    Please get help and do whatever you have to help you not feel stressed, it's worst thing you can do around this very important time.
    I stressed, and it had some pretty ugly health effects on me, that still haven't gotten better, even though I was told after I get my results and I start college, they would get better, but nope.
    A few things that helped me to relax during exams, I lit a candle and put it on my desk where I work, I put a fresh plant that closes and opens like a flower of some type, I also kept that on my desk. Meditating helps you to relax.
    & in terms of revising, DO NOT sit at your desk for hours on end with your head stuck in textbooks, do about 20 mins of revision and then have a 5 minute break, have a snack, some water or just some fresh air to clear your head.
    & right before your exam don't stress, rush around and try to frantically revise last minute, just have some water and take 3 deep breaths.
    I hope this helps you

    What's up man, basically just try and balance school with your social life. Try to find things you like doing other than revising, and every now and then just take breaks to calm down etc. Education is a bit overwhelming, but trust me being calm goes a long way, so moretime dont stress too much and that

    I think you need to deal with the anxiety in itself. Determine what exactly about exams and school that is stressing you out. Do you have any counsellors or student support in your school that you can talk to? If so you should speak to them or someone who can give you guidance
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