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    I got 5 A's 4 B's 1 C and 1 D in my GCSEs (A in math, chemistry, biology, physics and DT; resistant materials, B in Religous Studies, English Lit, Business Studies and Geography, C in English Lang and D in Spanish) Is it still possible to get accepted into Imperial College of London if I meet the required A level grades? I'm looking to apply for aeronomical engineering and I'm taking math, physics and DT for A level
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    Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

    Just quoting in Fox Corner so she can move the thread if needed :wizard:
    (Original post by Fox Corner)

    Hi there 'Chapers64', I'd be happy to tell you if you have this 'chance' you speak of.

    In Imperial College London, as you would know from the courses avaiable in this subject, they have only 4 Master Programs, which due to the level of degree of the course and the prestige of the University makes it very competitive. Infact arguably one of the most competitive courses they have available. Imperial College London is the second best university in the United Kingdom for this course, out of 40 providing. The fact Billion dollar companies such Ryanair, Qatar Airways, American Airlines etc has come to Imperial to recruit the top students for employment indicates the level of distinction Imperial offers internationally.

    Thankfully after talking to various departments specifically the Chemical Engineering department, (I think) with Lecturer Peter DiMaggio, GCSE's are far less important compared to your A levels, Personal Statement, and Extras. Meaning, as long as you get the minimum GCSE requires in Maths and English you'll be fine to proceed to the next step.

    Moving on the the A levels, if you take 3 A levels; A*A*A is the minimum entry requirement. However, from my advice I highly suggest you take 4 A levels; A*AAA. This is because Physics A level is very unpredictable and obscure, especially if the Exam board is Cambridge (CIE, OCR etc). The chances of being in the top 10% of the Physics candidate's to recieve an A* is very slim, so by taking another subject the pressure will be off, and therefore take any subject your interested in for the fourth subject, such as Psychology (Which I took for admission).
    However do not take Biology or Chemistry, as the the Sciences are known to be the 'Big Daddies' in A levels, if you were to gamble with it most likely the pressure will cause you to fail your exams, especially considering the new reform with the A level curriculum. From the landslide load of content in Biology, to realizing the electron configuration in GCSE Chemistry was a lie (they tell you the real one about orbitals in A levels) and lastly the unpredictablity of questions in Physics. Therefore taking Sciences is not a joke, they all come with a heavy responsiblity in gambling; to understand in time. So If I were you, take Maths (A*), Physics (A), Design Technology (A*) and what ever you wish (A). A*A*AA is a strong set of results to get admitted, so you will get the departments attention for sure.

    Lastly, and most importantly the final step; to Impress. This step is what differentiates you against other students when competing for admission.
    Therefore before your possible Interview, you need to express your enthusiasm for the course, why you want to study specifically for the subject at Imperial, and what makes you more interesting than other candidates. All of this needs to be covered in your personal statement with examples.
    You need to relate to activities that really express your interest: Reading articles from 'The Scientist'; attending Annual Exhibitions and public conferences of Big companies like Emirates; Talk to specialists and Professors whom inspire you that led you to reading their publications; attend lectures in universities; and most importantly, get an Internship, the value of knowledge you would gather from the experiance is unrivaled versus any other candidate. Fortunately these kind of things got the attention of the chair in my chosen department, so I'm giving you good advise here mate.

    So assuming your applying in 2018, you have plenty of time to produce a very strong personal statement, and thus, 'you have a chance'.
    I took some time to create this, so I would appreciate if you would read all of this.

    Hope it helped.

    Quick tip: Apply early (Before 15th of October) - If you apply before that date, they will assume you are applying to Cambridge, and thus will take you seriously as you're a oxbridge level candidate. Also by applying early, it demonstrates your level of prepardness as you will be given more priority compared to candidates applying in late December.
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    I didn't think someone would take the time to write a response like this, thank you so much I appreciate it, do you think it's still possible to start an A- level two and a half months into Sixth form?

    (Original post by Chapers64)
    I didn't think someone would take the time to write a response like this, thank you so much I appreciate it, do you think it's still possible to start an A- level two and a half months into Sixth form?
    No worries, just hoping this reaches other people aswell.
    To answer your question, 'Yes', you have plenty of time for your exams. I didn't have the luxuary to study for my exams in school, whereas instead I was taught in private institutes that get the course completed within months of teaching.

    In school, you waste alot of time doing unnecessary homework, distracted by extra-curricular activities, and classes that are inefficient since they focus too much in introducing the topic. So for example I studied for my Geography AS (CIE) exams from just 3-4 months of studying and got an A.

    Just put the time and effort into it. But remember, there is a difference between working hard and working effectively.
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