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    I am a 2nd year Oxford student studying Biology and I absolutely hate it. Sometimes it is okay, I have good and bad days, but more often than not (i.e. almost all lectures) it is so dull. I know it isn’t what I want to do and the idea of doing a research project and more exams in it makes me depressed. I became depressed last year, one main reason being that I hated my course. I don’t want to continue with it. The only thing is that it is an Oxford degree which people seem to consider is impressive, and and I’ve already done one year and a bit.

    Over the summer I became really interested in Nursing, and I have decided that I definitely want to be a nurse. Initially I considered doing a PGDip which involves being a healthcare assistant for 1 year after I graduate from Bio, then doing a 2 year Nursing Post Grad Diploma. However, because I hate Biology so much and am so passionate to become a nurse, I want to apply to undergrad Nursing to start next September, and drop out of my Bio degree.

    I have made a list of pros and cons, done my research, and am speaking to people and trying to organise work experience. But I am posting here to ask if anyone has any experiences they’d like to share about dropping out/nursing, and if you could provide any advice?

    Also, there are many unis that offer undergrad nursing. Does anyone have anything good/bad to say about nursing courses at different unis?

    Thanks! Xxx

    People have probably already told you this but given that you are approaching the half way point you may as well finish. Your application will be stronger if you do and you'll have the postgraduate option as well if you do, which at this point would be the same price as what you're proposing to do, but without the kudos of having a degree on top.

    Biology may not be what you want to do but finishing it would give you more than just kudos. You would get knowledge and skills from it that could benefit you in future if you wanted to do research. You don't know what lies in future but you may regret cutting out options now in a later situation you can't predict.

    As someone who did have to wait an extra year to start the course I really wanted to due to personal circumstances, I can say that these courses aren't going anywhere and it is sometimes worth just waiting rather than being impatient about it. The right time is not always as soon as possible.

    You've identified what you want to do and that's great but there's no reason to have to drop everything to get started. It's a career and it will be waiting for you when you're ready to take it up. Finishing one thing isn't going to get in the way of it.

    If you haven't really got work experience yet, chances are that you may struggle to get an application in by Janury that's going to get noticed. What if you dropped out of your degree to apply to that one and ended up with five rejections?
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    Thanks for your responses I agree, ultimately waiting and getting this degree would be good but I really, really hate it. I also think I have got enough experience and am planning on getting more in the winter holidays. I think I would have an okay chance of getting in.
    I am now thinking maybe I should wait, just because I don't know if I am being naïve and if an Oxford degree would be beneficial later in life. I'm so confused
    I thought I knew for sure that nursing was what I really wanted to do but what if I change my mind? I know I hate Biology but I don't know how to get through it or what I should do

    If you're wanting to do nursing, biology is the foundation of it.
    You will spend time over the 3 years of nursing learning biology. Learning physiology. Learning anatomy. Learning pharmacology. And it will all relate back to what you're learning now.
    The course will not only provide you with another qualification and go towards the entry criteria. But will also help in giving you a good solid knowledge base for nursing.
    If you're going to do nursing, a previous degree will only matter for when you apply and if you then want to do post graduate or PhD and your prior degree will help you in it.
    Otherwise, what degree you have or where from won't matter.
    Only if you then fall back on it will it matter.
    Try and see your course through but if you're really that unhappy then leave.
    Concentrate on getting some experience behind you though and keep yourself up to date with health news and what's going on in the NHS.
    And then you can start thinking about your personal statement and your application for nursing courses.
    Best of luck.

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