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I'm interested in taking psychology for a levels next year and I'd like to know your guys' thoughts on the subject.

The types of questions I've got are:

How hard do you find the subject?
Is there a large workload?
How much content is there?
What kinds of units are in the subject?
Does the content require a lot of essay writing?

Other information would be useful too.
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I did A-Level Psychology a while ago. I think it should be renamed A-Level Waste of ****ing Time.
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I've only been doing the AS since September but already it has been quite hard - there is maths involved which is confusing me at the moment. There is a lot of content, we have been told that it is best that you revise after each lesson, to lock in the information, because there is so much content. Therefore we are given lots of homework to help us revise - it is a big workload in the sense that it is a lot to remember so you have to revise a lot, but we are only given one piece of homework a week - which is again for revision and is mostly filling in booklets.

It is not the worst compared to the other subjects I am taking (Art and English Lit/Lang). We have had to write a few essays but not every single week.The AS and whole A-level is completely exam-based however, so nothing we do in that manner will count toward the A-level, essays are more about revision and understanding of the topic. So, the subject is more focused on tests and revision homework, and intense note-taking during lessons.

At the moment, we have covered -
- Research Methods (how psychology is researched - and data analysis)
- Social Influence (how humans react to other humans in social situations)
- Memory (how it works, different theories)

We will also cover things like:
- Attachment (how infants develop to create attachments with caregivers in early life)
- Origins of psychology
- Psychopathology (how people can have individual differences in how their brain works)
- Biopsychology (how the brain works)
- Ethics and issues in psychology

We then have 1 topic from 3 option blocks - I don't think we get a say on what these are though
Block 1 - Relationships or Gender or Cognitive development
Block 2 - Schizophrenia or Eating behaviour or Stress
Block 3 - Aggression or Forensic Psychology or Addiction

I'm not sure if entry requirements are the same for everyone, you would have to check with your teacher but we had to have at least 5 GCSEs a C or above, including B in maths, C in English Language, and C in Science
Even if you find it hard, it's very interesting and if you enjoy it then that definitely helps.

Hope that cleared any of your questions up for you - I tried to answer them all but to be honest, it's 1 am and I can hardly think straight so I hope this hasn't just been a droning mess.

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