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    So I am in my 2nd of 5 years studying a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering. My first year was tough, like I mean it felt like I was doing a Physics degree, a Maths degree and an Aerospace Engineering degree all at once. However, with the help of course mates and many all nighters in the library I got through it and so did about 75% of the other student, the other 25% weren't so lucky. Although I had struggled I came into second year thinking that I had a good base to work on and was ready to take the course by the balls and succeed. However, as the title suggests, it hasn't quite gone to plan, I am struggling more than ever, and this time everyone is so the teamwork aspect of it isn't as helpful as last year. My usual day is about 3-6 hours 4 times a week and I try to add in around 3-4 hours extra each night revising what I had done while in uni, even after putting in what seems like 10x the effort as anyone else I know it just isn't clicking and I feel like it is time to consider dropping out of uni and looking for work or an apprentiship. If I was on a normal length course and only had a year and a half left I think I would stick it out and try to pass however the thought of and other 3 and a half years of the confussion and stress that I am currently experiencing is something that makes my stomach churn if I'm being honest. Anyway, I've posted this to hear for anyone who wishes to give their opinions or perhaps experiences with similar situations. Cheers Brad.

    It a tricky decision. Some important things in life require you to battle hard and at the end when you've achieved it it cant be taken away and is a source of huge pride. I contemplated dropping out after 2nd year for a variety of reasons and in hindsight am glad I didn't. However if the stress is unbearable you need to do something. Perhaps a change of course, perhaps an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships have the advantage of being funded but from what I have seen can also be very demanding. Be careful not to throw the baby away with the bath water as from what you describe you are working hard, which is a positive thing, and doing well in what sounds like a very demanding course. Before doing anything I would seek out some academic support and perhaps some pastoral support through your Dept or SU.
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    Talk to supervisor and then welfare support. It might be common for your course and its best you make sure.
    Consider transferring to a 3 year degree of possible.
    You are being honest with yourself and only you know your ability as well as what you want.
    Best to get a second and third pinion though to make sure you have it right.
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