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    Question, are you in s4 or s5? Why not just do the standard 5 Highers in s5, then 2-3 AHs in s6?

    But fyi, it might be doable if you really wanted to, but its not fun (I did 4AHs + Higher english in s6). Is it not an option to sit higher history, spanish and chemistry in s5 instead?

    Oh right. Check Uni requirements btw. If you wanna do science subjects at uni, I think most scottish Unis dont require advanced highers. So really doing AH English + maths is kinda pointless if you already have Higher English + maths. In fact most unis just want NAT5 English maths as minimum requirement.
    So really in s6 you could just fill your timetable with other science highers (eg crash higher biology/physics?) instead of AH english+ maths, unless you really want to do AH maths (warning-its a killer).

    As for surviving last year - lots of coffee and cramming during holidays

    Ps, another thing to consider. Its probably easier to get an A at higher than at AH, so its better to get lots of As at higher than doing some Ahs and then getting Bs. However say u got a B in higher maths this year, might be worth doing AH to try bump up the grade.

    Basically if you decide its too much in s6, and got good grades in s5, just scrap AH maths and English and do your 3 highers, will make your life much easier.
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    (Original post by catmckie)
    So I know it's a while away until I decide what subjects I take for 6th Year but I'm the sort of person to spend hours planning out EVERYTHING therefore I am thinking about my 6th Year subjects. (6 months before I need to!)

    Subjects I want to take in 6th Year:
    History - Higher
    Chemistry -Higher
    Spanish - Higher
    Maths - Advanced Higher
    English - Advanced Higher

    I've taken History at Nat 5 and got an A. I'm taking Nat 5 Chemistry this year (I didn't take it last year) and my target grade is an A. I haven't done Spanish at Nat 5 level but I am learning it in my own time right now and I'm doing Higher French this year too. Additionally, I'm doing Maths and English at Higher this year and my teachers think I could achieve As. So after taking all that in, do you think I could do it? Or would it be too much? Do you know anyone who's done a lot like this in one year? I guess what I'm trying to ask is; is it doable?

    Thanks in advance.
    Whether or not it is too much or not depends entirely on 1) how much free time you want for extracurriculars, volunteering, etc 2) how much work you want to put in next year and 3) how you are finding this year. If you want to be able to do lots of stuff in/after school, it may be very challenging, especially as you would have no study periods, so you would need to study exclusively at home. A lot of people slack off in S6 and admittedly, it can- at times- be hard to keep focussed when everyone around you is spending their study periods listening to music, chatting and messing about. If you are finding your workload this year very challenging/verging on too much, I would say what you have suggested would be too much, unless you cut something else out of your schedule. However, if you are finding this year relatively easy to keep up with the work, then you could at least continue to plan to do those subject, see how you get on this year and then reassess when your school does options. It's probably quite hard to tell at this stage how you are finding your courses, as most people will not be putting in a lot of study time. Hope this helps. If anything needs clarified/you have more questions, let me know.

    2AH+3H is a weird combination for 6th year. Most people in my school do 5H in S5, then 3AH, 3AH+1H or 4AH in S6. I imagine it is doable, you just need to ask yourself whether or not it's worth doing the 2AHs, considering that Advanced Highers aren't required (unless you're applying to English unis).

    Lol. I'm doing 2 AH's and 1 H and i'm barely managing myself.
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    I'm doing one AH and crashing 3 H's and my workload is immense. It honestly depends what you are wanting to do, what are you planning on applying for?

    To be brutally honest, it would be a really strange decision to make your S6 workload that heavy; especially if you do well in S5. Everyone that I know who took/is taking 5 or 6 subjects in sixth year regrets it hugely. I'd say definitely don't pick up one of those Highers for starters, because if you do well this year, you simply won't need it. Universities are never doing to make you an offer which is based on 2 Advanced Highers and 3 Highers - it would be absolutely insane. The jump between Highers and Advanced Highers is no myth either, so if you're adamant about taking those two subjects at Advanced Higher, even taking two Highers on top of that would be a huge challenge, and one which may ruin S6 for you!

    I'm taking 4 AH's this year in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Music. It is pretty brutal so far; but I'm applying to Oxford so I hope that the extra effort may be appreciated there. If it turns out that they aren't interested in me, I'll probably cut back and ditch Chemistry to lighten the workload a bit
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