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So, I have been applying for a part time job as I am looking for a little bit of disposable income,and I have come into a dilemma. I am 16 and in S5. This is equivalent to Lower Sixth I believe.

I have two accepted offers! WTF? I am an absolute idiot.

I had a Christmas Temp job with Boots, which I accepted yesterday, I was offered the job on the spot at the interview. I hastily accepted.

Now, Primark, who were offering me a permanent position, phoned me today to say THEY wanted me. My interview with Primark was on Monday and they have just accepted me today, I didn't think I had got the job with Primark,which is why I accepted the job at Boots.

So, what do I do?

A) Start at Primark, because it's permanent and they promised me that I could keep my job if I ever moved away for university. I am inclined to this option.

B)Go to Boots, because I'll start sooner.

C) Stay at Boots until I start at Primark, (around 2 weeks), if I don't like Primark I then can stay at Boots.

Or D) Try and juggle both jobs, the shifts are on different days, I'd be working 16 hours per week for around 7 weeks and don't tell either employer I've another job. This is my dad's madcap idea.

Gosh, I'm so stuck.
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Well if the shifts are on different days I'd go with working both jobs at least to start with. 16 hours a week is not very much and shouldn't be a huge problem to juggle, especially in the short term. There is a possibility that you will be offered a permanent job after christmas in Boots so then after christmas you can either continue working at primark or if you get an offer from boots you can decide which one you prefer.

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