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    I was pleasantly surprised with the result. Of course the majority of Americans, especially the south, have questionable intelligence... But the fact that they're gripping liberals by their testicles. really does fill me with pleasure.

    Terror changes people, and I'm looking forward to seeing Marine Le Pen's resurgence.

    No. Clinton still has chance to win. And Lady gaga could finally become a politician. :-)



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    Trump has spent all his life being Super-awesome McRichguy with little actual responsibility outside of mumbling that he pleads the fifth in court.

    Now he’s met and shaken hands with tens of thousands of people and promised them the moon and the sun, which is easy when you don’t think you’re going to win.

    Now he’s in the MOTHER-OF-ALL “put up or shut ups” situation that anyone’s EVER been in.

    These people really want their jobs back and they want their money to go farther and their healthcare to be cheaper and the roads to be better and on and on and on.

    If he flops at this, he goes down as the worst ever. If he tries to go full authoritarian, he goes down as America’s Hitler for real.

    I don’t think he has no idea what the job entails that he ran for. I can only imagine how godawful his State of the Union addresses will be. They’ll be 5 minutes long of basically “everything is tremendous! Believe me!” nonsense.

    I’m betting today President Obama was not willing to provide much job training to the Orange Assclown.

    But globally I believe this will emboldened the right wing immoral political racist extremist of all countries into thinking this is going to be a trend that they can capitalize politically in their country’s political systems of government, and in public displays of violence towards others without any meaningful retribution.

    This, along with thinking they have an ally in the justification of the persecution of others around the world, and in their own back yards.
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