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    For the past year or so, I have felt incredibly isolated and lonely. I have friends at school, but thats just it, I don't go out in the evenings and my family is very small so I don't go to any large family events or outings either, not even on the weekends. I also feel as though my friends and I are drifting apart, partly since we have different interests now.
    Because of my loneliness, and generally just needing to talk to someone, I resorted to using chatrooms and sites like omegle on an almost daily basis, and have done so for the past year. Eventhough I have met some people on there that I now text regularly and consider my friends, I fear that this is becoming an addiction
    . It constantly feels like I need another 'fix' or that adrenalin rush that comes with talking to random strangers. It also helps me forget about any stress or family problems I have for the night, but I think my grades are slipping because i feel as though I have to choose between feeling okay (& so chatting online) or doing my work, and often feeling okay wins.
    I just don't know what do. How I stop talking to strangers online?

    Idk. Talk to me :dontknow::dontknow::dontknow:
    Though that's not what you wanted to hear, because I'd be online too.

    Okay...find people with common interests with you.

    Depending on your age...there are clubs and extra curricular activities you could partake in maybe at school?

    Increase your social life somehow?

    Maybe read books or take up a hobby to fill your time so you don't gonon omegle? Maybe cooking/baking/sewing/instrument/gardening/sports/gym really anything would do I suppose.

    Keep a diary or journal or blog (idk some people find it helps)

    Maybe take up a part time job for the week ends

    Maybe do housework at home (though do the fun stuff whatever you enjoy) e.g. dusting with music (adding dance moves)

    Volunteer at a charity

    Plan events with your friends even if you are drifting apart for example ice skating, paintballing, bowling or something at home like pamper evenings, cooking or baking together, watching movies together etc. This would help with bonding.

    The trick is to stay busy.

    As to your family problems... could you talk to someone irl about it who could help?

    Look PM me if need be.
    Hope you found this useful.

    And sweetie, don't let your grades suffer. Motivate yourself. Imagine getting good grades when you get your results. Give yourself treats to do your studying..like a chocolate or a new something you've always wanted etc.
    Exercise helps as a motivator. It releases endorphins.
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