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A few weeks ago, everything was fine and I met a girl who I had an amazing time with for a couple of weeks, before she moved away for uni, where the amount we talked to each other reduced by a huge amount, and now haven't spoken to her in a couple of weeks. I figured she lost interest, no idea if it was me, or the fact she moved away but I genuinely felt that something might grow out of this bond but I guess not. I thought to myself that it was fine as I still had my friends and uni work to get on with.

A while after, I ended up with a poor mark in labs, and was furious and got that remarked, and then the next couple of assessments I had were quite poorly marked, and now I'm frustrated and have asked for them to be remarked as well. Recently, I was with my housemates and a couple of them just started giving me criticisms about stuff I should/shouldn't do in the kitchen and around the house in general. Just me, when it was obvious that the others do similar things, but everyone else's word is above mine for whatever reason. One of them I don't get along with too well, so I was used to their complaining, until the other one (who I usually get along with really well) said I was their worst housemate.

I don't know why this is making me feel quite sad like I'm doing so much stuff wrong. Is this normal?
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Sometimes things mount up and you piece them together to form a picture. You arent always corrct.

1. The girl. She has gone to uni, so she will meet new people and have her own life. I'd have treated it as a holidat fling. The best you cna hope for is to stay on friendly terms, not panic and play the longer game. Dont give up but put it on the back burner and just remain friends. She might get in contact if she hits a rough patch or gets bored.

2. The remarks. All well and good but you seem to be intimating some sort of conspiracy in that they are deliberately trageting you for having complained. Use your brain. Do you know if you work was up to standard or not? If not then you have to trust your lecturers that they know more about marking than you. You dont say wat the remarks are. Sometimes we arent as good as we think, but it all depends how objective you are being.

Get them to explain where you went wrong and be honest with youself, otherwise you will become paranoid.
Constant remarking is not an option.

3. House meeting time. You all get to let off some steam. You listen, they listen and you agree to alter your beahviours. ROTA. problem solves if you all stick to it. Whether or not others abide by things, doesnt discount the fact they may ave a point if you are not. Take some criticism, amend your ways a bit and move on.

Chill out and dont panic, things can all come at once and you just have to battle on through.
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nestly i dont think that its like your being targeted I would theorize that you are still a little depressed that this girl moved away and that this has had a possible negative affect on your course work. this two things have then in turn put you into a slightly negative mindset and as a result you have taken the comments from your roomates, that based on your description of events may have simply been said in anger, more personally than you maybe should have done. therefore my advice is simply try and look on the bright side. im aware that sounds like a massive cliche but if you start to try and have a more posotive outlook on events it may help you to focus on where you can improve your work and screen out any of these annoying negative comments that your roomates are making. if these comments continue to bother you politley confront them about it and let them no that they are bothering u while trying to work on taking their grievances with u into account.

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