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Being bullied at uni by girls from my sixth form Watch

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    I had a huge falling out with a group of girls over this guy (who was one of my best mates at the time)...they used to talk about how good looking he was and how much of a possessive ***** I was. He ended up siding with the group of girls cause they massaged his ego 24/7. I was literally left with 2 friends but I was cool with that because I knew they had my back.

    I ended up taking a gap year after sixth form. During this gap year, I changed my 'look'. I used to dress pretty frumpy at sixth form but now I take a lot more pride in my appearance and I wear more makeup now etc.

    After my gap year, I ended up at the same local uni as these guys and girls. For the past 2 months, my confidence has been knocked so badly. They smirk everytime I walk past them at uni, I've heard that they've been calling me a slut and usually they all hang around in a massive group and just stare at me.

    My best mates go to different unis so I'm facing it alone. Its reached the stage where I haven't attended uni in over a week. Its so embarrassing that I'm 19 and I feel like this. I used to be so happy and confident with myself during my gap year and now all I do is eat, cry and feel afraid to attend uni.

    Number one rule to combat bullying: don't give them your attention.

    this is really sad. you need to get help with this situation. there should be counsellors etc at college for you to talk to.
    you could restart your course at a different uni if necessary.

    People who choose to spend a portion of their short lives putting other people down verbally and in other ways are utter wastes of life as far as I'm concerned.

    Life's short, these 'people' are not worth a second of your time and thoughts. Personally I'd take pity on how pathetic they are, then concentrate on finding people to have around me who make me feel good and who I can make feel good.

    Go to Uni, put one step forward in your studies and refuse to give a feck about those lowlives.

    God, teenage girls really are sent by the devil, aren't they.

    The good thing about university is that it's a really, really big place. Yes, these girls have got some sort of evil cabal going on, but the best way you could deal with this is make a success of what you're doing and where you are. Start going out again - enjoy your new look and newly found confidence. Don't let something from your past ruin your future.

    As the user above said...uni is bloody massive lol. There are people that I know that I have seen like 3 times that I have known before and shouldn't it be really easy to avoid them?
    My take would be to 100% ignore then. Pretend that they are not there and then eventually they will get bored. If it gets out of hand report to your uni.

    People are ********s. That's just the way of life. There will constantly be people trying to get you down, but if you become content with yourself and realise that other's opinions of you don't matter, then you will own each and every day.

    Don't give a **** what these people are saying about you. Easier said than done right? Well if you put on the correct mindset and think ''Why should I care about what these people think,in a few years time I probablies won't see them anymore'' then you will start to realise that life is too short to worry about others opinions.

    Some advice on how to not give a ****. Detach yourself from positive and negative opinions that people have over you. Have you heard the analogy of the songbird? It foes like this...

    A songbird goes up into the tree and starts whistling away as birds do. This is what it does. This is its purpose. One person comes along and says ''Thankyou for playing this beautiful song, I'm so appreciative, this has made my day''. You know what the bird thinks? The bird says ''I don't give a **** about you, I'm just doing what I do''. Then the guy walks away. Another guy walks past the bird and says ''Bird, you woke me up this morning, you're annoying, go sing somewhere else''. This guy then throws a rock at the bird. The bird dodges the rock and says ''I don't give a **** about you, I'm just doing what I do''. Then this guy walks away.

    You need to be this songbird. You need to detach yourself from the negative comments and the positive comments and just do you. Be yourself. These girls keep looking at you and calling you a slut? Dodge that insult and carry on with your day. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will realise that these girls don't matter to you and you can become content with yourself.

    Need anymore advice then just PM me
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    Stop caring about what they think. They're irrelevant losers, that aren't going to get anywhere in life with their attitude.
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    haters gonna hate just ignore them
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