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I've been alone all my life.... and now watch

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    Now. I've have two chances to be around groups of people and I am pushing the idea away.

    What's wrong with me? I mean really...... what the hell am I doing?

    I've always used the excuse that they weren't my kind of people and I may be right, but surely it's worth giving this a chance than continuing to be lonely even if I am not nearly convinced it will work? I'm starting think I genuinely enjoy being in pain and being isolated is like cutting my wrists.

    Or or or or or I've witnessed so many fake relationships, so many Hilary Clinton's and I want nothing to do with the much worse feeling of being alone in the company of others, cracking a smile about an unfunny joke to appease the masses or taking a leaflet I don't care about.

    It's better to try and fail than wonder "what if?"

    Quite simply, they may not be your type of people... and guess what? That's totally okay.


    Sounds like you are self sabotaging. Being alone is your comfort zone, yet you don't really want to be there. You isolate yourself as a self protection strategy and that is understandable but you also appreciate the reality that you'll appreciate getting to know others. It is going to be difficult but nothing ever worth having is easy...... lets be honest. I suggest that you be brave and step out of your comfort zone. And, sadly, I promise you that you're going to feel uncomfortable at times when in a social group..... we ALL DO and it is just part of it..... but the rewards are better than the uncomfortable moments. It is nice that a group of people have reached out to you or are available for you to join. If this is a society.... get involved! .... you'll get so much more out of it if you are actively involved and accept a leadership position, eventually. If this is just a group of friends getting together then, well done, they think you're someone who'd be fun to hang with. It's all win, win, unless you, convince yourself otherwise. If you choose to be isolated then remember this and don't complain about your decision. It is possible that if you are self sabotaging on this you are in other areas of your life as well. If you want to make some positive changes and find more happiness in your life (because it doesn't sound like you're happy being alone) then perhaps some counseling would be beneficial. Good Luck!
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