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    I've practically finished this piece of work but I could do with a bit of help still.
    So one part is comparing mitosis in plant and animal cells. So far I've written a few points such as whether centrioles are present or not, the differences in cytokinesis and where the mitosis occurs but I'm not sure what else to write for it.
    Then I need help with the last part of it which is the question 'Why is DNA the perfect molecule to pass on genetic material down the generations?' I have a very basic textbook on loan from my teacher which is not helpful at all.

    For starters, DNA's sugar phosphate backbone backbone makes it a stable compound. This tough backbone shields the specific nucleotide base sequence from being degraded by intracellular compounds. The double stranded nature of DNA makes it perfect for enzymatic transcription into mRNA via DNA helicase and DNA polymerase- the sense (coding) strand is supported by the non-coding strand. DNA's net negative charge mean that it can associate with positive histone proteins, forming chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis. These are just some starting points, I hope they help!

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Updated: November 14, 2016
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