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Below is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list, hope this will become of use to those considering doing sports at Middlesex University!
1. What exactly is the sports cluster composed of?
The sports cluster houses the broad general BSc Sport and exercise science course, whilst also covering the following pathways: Strength and conditioning, teaching and coaching, Sport and exercise rehabilitation.

2. What is Sport at Middlesex like?
The Sports course at Middlesex focusses on skills which are expected to be used in a professional environment.
3. When can you first choose modules?
all modules are compulsory to your pathway.

4. What are the facilities available to sport students?
Laboratory and a track at Allianz park, also a clinic room for rehabbers
5. Are there any placement opportunities available?
6. What will the course focus on?
At the centre of this course lies the scientific approach to supporting athletes to perform at their peak while reducing the risk of injury. You will develop an in-depth understanding of physiological, psychological and biomechanical theories, and how they can be used to assist performance enhancement, health and fitness

7. How is the course assessed?
You will be assessed through exams (practical and written), projects, written assignments (including laboratory reports and case study analyses), presentations and supervisor reports. You will receive feedback on your work from other students and staff, and will also be asked to evaluate your own work.

8. What will I gain studying sports and exercise science?
Our degree is broad in scope, allowing you to study the full potential of sports and exercise sciences, and gain an expert knowledge and understanding of scientific methods in sports psychology to the study of the human form. You will graduate with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the sport and exercise industry and be well-prepared to enter a broad range of careers working with athletes to support their development; or helping people at all levels of fitness to stay healthy.

9. Is there any opportunities within the course ?
The best thing about the course is the many opportunities and contacts that the London Sports Institute at Middlesex University can provide

10. How is the course taught?
You will attend lectures, seminars and practical laboratory sessions, and take part in group discussions, group work and presentations. You will supplement all this with your own guided and independent reading. You will put together a portfolio of your experiences, knowledge and skills, and will also spend some time on a work placement.

Thank you,

Middlesex Course Ambassador

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