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Long Distance relationship [parents] Watch

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    Hi all.
    Basically me and my girlfriend are over 2 years together now and we planned to meet for the first time this year during Christmas time.
    I can't visit her due to visa problem and she told her parents which took long time to do it since she was afraid of reaction, but their reaction was calm they even surprisingly knew my name but the thing is that they are not allowing her to come here by her self as she never flight before alone and that ''she will get lost ... fly to some other country'' but you cant really get lost on airport as if you dont know anything you just ask but the signs are clear enough + there is basically no chance to fly to different country as you can only fly to the country you bought the ticket for [you cant go to wrong plane you either stay in her city and miss fly or fly]
    + many of my even her friends as she said flying alone exchange students friends etc

    So any idea how she can make her parents agree ?

    Its kind of weird situation as i dont understand her parents well as if i had a child a daughter and she chatted to some guy online i wont be so chill + if she would want to go to meet him i would have to either skype with the guy call him or skype with his parents ? or at least see a picture but i feel like they never even saw my picture or anything i dont understand why is that why they never asked to see me ? Im sure they care but its really questioning

    Thanks for help !

    You didn't mention both of your ages, but the younger she is, the more likely her parents will be against it. Has she been abroad before? Again, if not, chances are slim that they will be happy to let her go alone. Now, parents can be wary of LDR relationships (my parents are still unhappy with mine, even years of us being together). You may want to suggest yourself, if her parents would be willing to talk with you on Skype. They may not have asked themselves, but it could help alleviate some of their concerns if you took that first step. At the least, it gives you a chance to show them that you care for her and respect their opinions and concerns.

    If she is old enough, and if they continually refuse to make contact with you and discuss the matter, then she may be forced to make the decision as whether to go against their wishes. That can be a very stressful and unpleasant way to do it though, so I'd highly suggest you try to get her parents on side first. If hearing of this relationship is new to them, they may need some time to adjust to the news.

    So, she's been your girlfriend for over 2 years but you've never met. You don't say which country she is in but if you need a visa it would imply it's not in Europe. Then there's the problem that for whatever reason (her age?) her parents aren't keen on her visiting.

    I don't want to sound harsh but perhaps it's time to think about where the relationship is going. Generally people are in a relationship with a view to eventually living together but from what you say it's hard to see how that could ever happen.

    You don't mention age or which country she and you are?
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