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Hello, prospective students ! I am an international student, and I am really struggling to make choice about my future British university. It is so hard to make my head around all these league tables !
What is an ideal university for me ?
The course of the university of Edinburgh seems so perfect !
  • Calculus and its Applications
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • Informatics 1 - Data and Analysis
  • Informatics 1 - Object-Oriented Programming
  • Informatics 1 - Functional Programming

It is a perfect mix of CS and math, combined with a great variability of the course. So, in the 3d and 4th year you can choose A LOT of option modules. It is just too good to be true...But the uni requirements are really high and i am not sure, if I can get in.
So, do you know any similar options ?
I also prefer a Campus uni over a city one.
My projected grades are AAA, but I also need a security option for ABB... Really, any help would be Very appreciated.
Anyway, you are my hero, if you have read so far. Sorry for such a long post...And thank you again for any help !
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You really need to do your own research with this and work it out for yourself. You've made a good start with working out what course structure suits you and what you're looking for in a uni. Entry requirements can be found online and don't worry about league tables.
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The league tables shouldn't be that confusing. Just type in league table for UK universities for whatever course you want to do and then look at the top 10 or so and then look at each one to see which interest you the most. Some good campus universities are Bath, Exeter, Nottingham and Royal Holloway but of course you'll need to check what they are rated for your course. Good luck!

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