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    Hello all

    I've been really worried and feel like I'm letting the overanalysing consume me.
    I recently started going round to my boyfriend's house, we've only been together a few months and it has been wonderful. I've never worried about anything as we are so good together and in tune with each other in every way. he has made it known so many times how brilliant I am, compliments the little and big things and how hes so lucky to have me.

    A little background on him and housemates - they arent really close from what he has told me. But obviously are friends and get on. However my boyfriend has gone home every weekend since they moved in and so doesnt do much with them at all. He even said that hes in the living room on his own most times and they are just in their rooms.

    However, the first time I met his one housemate it was fine and was brief as he had come home with a friend. told him he had a nice name and just the usual hey how are you, nice to meet you.
    So the second time I stayed for three nights - met his other housemate as soon as i came in. He was in living room, i sat down and the three of us had a nice short conversation. but im just analysing comments i may have made, or the impression they will have of me. like being there three nights, being comfortable in their house so soon when he saw me washing up. plus, one night we got back and his housemates friends and girlfriend were here. he asked my boyfriend if we wanted to join and i think my boyfriend said he will ask me. We both agreed it was nice of them but we wanted to be alone (in private ofc) but i feel like they'll think i made him say no. but i guess the difference iswe have only been together short while, his housemate and gf have been together three years. plus we are three hours away so im hoping they would understand we would want to be alone.

    But i feel they think he talks to me too much etc which he wants to do himself, but then i think they would get its new and we are few hours away. i know im probably assuming they think all this when they haven't said anything. but im going crazy thinking about every encounter with them and what i said, how i may have come across. i know once or twice i made teasing comments about my bf to one of them in the hallway about how long he takes getting ready, but it was in reply to what the housemate said, i didnt directly do it and we chuckled about it.

    I guess im worried that they may make comments about me and make my boyfriend think different. Am i being crazy analysing all of this?


    It doesn't sound like you've done anything wrong at all. It's perfectly reasonable to spend time alone and if you do some washing up literally all anyone is going to think is 'oh good someone washed up', making a joke is just being friendly. Don't worry about it.
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