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Right so where to begin, during the 15/16 i went to queen mary university, completed all my exams but sadly did not progress onto year 2. i wanted to change course in February for September 2016 but the university didn't as much reply to me and i was advised to see out the year for student finance purposes. so i applied and got accepted to westminster uni for a different course, i phoned student finance and explained my situation to them and they said to just make a application on my account for my new uni everything will be fine as you completed the first year, i phoned twice to confirm this. Made my application took weeks for it to be approved i got my first payment everything fine until yesterday. The uni officially withdraw me and i get an email saying "visa office, funding body will be notified accordingly this may affect future funding" phone back student finance and now they say you should have filled out a pn1 form and they not sure why my application at a new uni was approved on my current account. so the guy continued telling me if they get a withdrawal notification from queen mary for last years application it will affect my current application. He didn't go into detail but will my current application be cancelled, my new uni already received the first installment and i don't want anything to get messed up i am finally enjoying and doing well. will my current funding stop if qmul send withdrawal notification for last year?
Hugh SFE
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Hi, From the information you have provided we would need you to contact Queen Mary University and have them forward to us a notification of withdrawal from the course with them to enable us to amend our records. As you started a new course you should have completed a PN1 form, when the withdrawal notification received your current application (PR1) would be cancelled and we will require you to complete a new PN1 form to enable us to correctly assess you.

If we receive this withdrawal notification from Queen Mary Uni and you complete a paper PN1 form we should be able to have this processed and in place to ensure there is not a delay with your next set of instalments of your support.


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