Which uni is for me? Out of my offers.

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Evening all,
Thought I would request some of TSR's expert knowledge.

I've gotten offers to study pol from Exeter, Lancaster, Sheffield and KCL (waiting on Warwick)

Predicted A*AA

At the moment it seems to be Exeter vs Lancaster (I wasn't a massive fan of Warwick when I visited to be honest), I haven't visited either bare in mind.

The main thing is, I have an unconditional firm from Lancaster (ABB if I don't firm) and an AAA from Exeter, I'm confident I can get A or better in Politics and Geography but not so much History which I'm currently a C in and history coursework I'm not sure what I'm going to get in it, so I'm concerned I may not be able to meet the Exeter offer (probably too early to call it though).

But what do you people think I should do? I was planning to wait until April/May when you have to confirm your places but I may select Lancaster, for one it's ranked higher overall than Exeter but Exeter is higher for politics, I'm just confused about what to do!
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dont do anything yet. Visit Exeter and Lancaster then decide. Your decision should not be made until April. At that time you will have a better idea of your likely grades and be in a better position to consider whether the unconditional offer is your best route. Be aware universities offer unconditional offers to increase the certainty for themselves and not for the benefit of the student.

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