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    yeah - its an impossible situation.
    i think if things are bad then your grades do deserve a little boost... but the uni cant exactly go sending out students with one of their degrees to employers who assume they actually know the stuff they were examined and passed on.
    for example... i flunked my AS levels as i was really ill... and they raised them by a grade... i subsequently missed my A levels cos i was in hospital having surgery and stuff... now theres no way in hell they could raise them any more! so when i tried to apply to universities they were considerate, and understood the situation, but they can only move the goalposts so far. i wouldve felt like a cheat if theyd just let me in based on the fact i got 11 A*s for gcse and had worked really hard, because thats not what gets you into uni! they just said i had to resit... and i think thats what you should do if you feel you deserve higher. its a hideous prospect, and well embarrassing (there i was, the clever kid, having ot join the year below)... but does you the world of good... you can have a good final year to blot out the bad one!

    the way it works in exeter is that it has to be within 2.5 % (which yours is) and that you have to have achieved the grade or have been showing an improvement throughout your degree

    so if you had a high 3rd in your first year, a high 2.2 in your second..you may be eligible for an appeal

    however, if you had a 2.2 in your first year, a 2.2 in your second and a 2.2 in your third you may not be elligable for appeal.

    our student welfare officer in the union takes our case to the appeals bored.

    go email yours

    love Katy ***

    or walk in to their offices and pester them face to face
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