How long until league teams start recruiting Fantasy Premier League elite managers

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Here's an interesting article:

For years now the success of Southampton FC has confounded such animated turnips as Glen Hoddle, Jamie Redknapp, Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton. How do they do it?!!! they dribble on their lilac ties, apparently unaware of the unique position they hold to investigate this question.

Well it turns out the magic behind Southampton FC amounts to data generation and analysis, and forward planning. That's right, what Southampton FC do is they generate loads of data on players and managers all over the world, they assess the probability that a first team player will move-on, and line up replacements based on suitability analysis before they need to move for them. And they use their academy to produce players that usefully fit into this system of long-term planning.

Is there any other business in the world in which the majority of football teams could actually survive? Football, a business where billions, billions are poured into the premier league, and yet a team operating with just basic 21st century competency is heralded as a brilliantly run club? Just how badly are some of these league clubs being run? Is it possible that Big Knockers Babs who does the stock inventory at Poundland and her son who does A-Level statistics could drastically improve the fortune of a lower league team?

People are always making cracks about being great on Football Manager and all that and how they'd make great managers, but really, i'm starting to wonder if the majority of the FPL elite are actually better equipped, with some coaching support, to achieve success in league football.

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