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i'm weird with rooms; in uni my room was usually a complete tip, but at home everything is in an obsessively clean state. even textbooks are arranged in alphabetical order, although i probably shouldn't admit to that.
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(Original post by KOH)
Does your mom breath down your neck " clean you room it looks like a pig*****" " "how did i give birth to such a pig?" blah blah balh?
No, she has realised that it was pointless. Last year, she also realised that she should stop visiting me in my appartment (I only live at home during weekends and holidays) because of the severe lack of tidyness.

A quick summary of some of the things (yes, there are lots of more, but I got bored after a while) littered in one corner of my bedroom at the moment:
-18 bags (interestingly enough, almost all were from the same (clothes) shop, I should really cut down on my shopping)
-4 computer monitors
-in excess of 100 books
-at least 5-10,000 pages of different sheets of paper (yes, they're everywhere)
-17 binders (probably more, there should at least be, they must be hidden somewhere)
-a large printer
-lots of CDs
-3 graphic calculators
-5 posters
-2 large, empty boxes
-an old radio
-4 towels
-3 keyboards
-2 cellphones

I could go on for quite a while, but I think you should be starting to get the point. I will be moving into a new appartment in a couple of weeks time, and I'll do my best to keep it tidy there. Basically, my bedroom is now just a place to put a lot of my things, and a place to sleep. I'm hardly ever in there at daytime, and when I am, it's just to fetch something, it's not a problem really.
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(Original post by ovalorbit)
All mums HAVE to moan about the state of the room. Even if its perfectly tidy or theres only a few specks on the carpet u get a lecture. It there job and our job to ignore it and keep living in unsantitary conditions hazardous to our health.
my mum learned to stop nagging me about my room a long time ago

besides, i have an excuse now. what with going to work and sleeping, i dont have time to clean my room. and i want it decorated first...
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