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So I've just graduated from a redbrick university with a 2:1. I know a lot of people say degrees are hard, but honestly it was a walk in the park once I found my feet. I love learning and this probably helped a lot! I don't want to come across as blase, but what I am trying to say is I am happiest when I am educating myself. I just love academia. Additionally, whilst doing my degree in the final two years I had a full plate. I helped with projects within the university, concentrated on my studies, had a great social life, organised study groups and worked!

I was going to do a masters but the tl'dr is I didn't have the money. So I've just landed a job in the finance sector after working here for a little over a month; being a mortgage adviser seems like a pretty nice job. I work full time, but in the evening find myself rather bored with nothing to do. I love what I am doing at the moment, but just want something to do to pass the time in the evenings really. So was thinking about giving the CEMAP a whirl. So I've come with a few questions:

How hard are they ? Quick note I do have a pretty good memory for retaining information - I have no idea what the exams entail, but it seems to be multiple choice?

How many hours of learning does it take to typically pass these exams?

What are the pass rate required on these? I just got through all my initial finance sector exams, and these were 80%. Is the CEMAP the same?

How quickly long could you pass them in ? Presuming you studying them 4/5 nights a week. I know time won't really be a matter of importance since atm I am happy with what I am doing; though a time frame is always nice.

Where is the best place to sign up to obtain your cemap?

I am basically thinking about doing this just because I can.

Thanks guys!

Hope I don't come across too badly
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Dug up and old thread, hope it helps: https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=1756765

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