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I have 3 weeks until Christmas holidays. By then my aim is to have finished all my notes/reviewed all my lecture material atleast once so that I am not note making over the break but revising.

I have 8 modules and 8 exams.
My plan is (for next 3 weeks):
Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday - do notes based off lectures and refer to textbook on anything I don't understand and write these notes down also.
Wednesdays, Fridays - start doing condensed A4 summary sheets (1 a4 page = 1 topic) for every single topic in every module. I did this for a level and it really helped me absorb my info.
Saturday and Sunday - Mornings - make A4 summary sheets
evenings - review any A4 summary sheets that I have already done.

So what I am doing is
1. Writing lecture notes down
2. going back over the lecture and filling in gaps using a textbook by making more notes
3. making summarised notes based off lectures and textbook notes thats already done
4. revising off the summary notes

How does this sound? I am worried because of the short amount of time I have left before exams and would really like to perform well in ALL exams.

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