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Hi Everyone, how it is going ?

I have HND in computing from Bahrain, I would like to Top-Up for a good degree, I have above 15 years of experience in technical support like Desktop support, Servers, and Networking, my options are as below:-

1- Visit UK/Scotland and enroll in any good university that does accept HND as Top Up option, for example: University of Sunderland or Glasgow Caledonian University etc.

Pros: the period is one year only, too short.
Cons: I should leave my family and this step is little costly to my.

2- Complete the degree online on 1 or 2 years like university of Hertfordshire

3- Complete the degree online on 1 or 2 years like university of Derby

University of Hertfordshire raked 76th on UK while
University of Derby ranked 84th

Pros: the period is one or two year only, Cheap price somehow!
Cons: kind afraid that online degrees reputation are weak... and always suspicious, with all respect to the two mentioned universities, sometimes the society and the market who bring the reputation down while the

4- Enroll in University of London External Program and join Goldsmiths college, exemption to me are only the first year, so I have to begin studying from 2nd year only,

Pros: strong (very strong) reputation of qualifications, somehow cheap price, examinations are applied local in British council.
Cons: long period of time, afraid of lack of face-to-face support for studying by UOL mentors.

5-Enroll directly in Swiss Global MBA, I really love management and see it very helpful not only in IT, but in all specializations, who's who don't have management knowledge will seldom succeed, t

Pros: price is reasonable to high, reputation is good, local teacher is available with great support.
Cons:ranked 14th in Europe
I'm afraid that I will be asked by the interviewer "where the DEGREE that should come in-between HND and MBA " ???

Will be very appreciated if you can help me to choose what ?

Best Regards


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