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Hi Guys,

I'm currently aiming for A*'s in all subjects as I'm hoping to apply for Medicine at Oxford. I want to get ahead of the game and finish all revision of my sciences before December. After December, I'll be revising Maths, English, Arabic, Psychology & R.E.

I'm creating this thread to keep me motivated and to update everyday, if you want to join in and create your own timetable by all means! The more the merrier!

IGCSE - Chemistry Edexcel - 4CHO.:

Section 1) Principles of Chemistry
Section 2) Chemistry of Elements
Section 3) Organic Chemistry
Section 4) Physical Chemistry
Section 5) Chemistry in the Industry

IGCSE Physics - 4PHO:

Section 1: Forces and motion
Section 2: Electricity
Section 3: Waves
Section 4: Energy resources and energy transfer
Section 5: Solids, liquids and gases
Section 6: Magnetism and electromagnetism
Section 7: Radioactivity and particles

IGCSE Biology 4BHO:

Section 1: The nature and variety of living organisms
Section 2: Structures and functions in living organisms
Section 3: Reproduction and inheritance
Section 4: Ecology and the environment
Section 5: Use of biological resources

This Totals to 17 sections all together. I plan to finish all revision by the 15th December, One section per day. Alternating between Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

I shall then take the Mock Exams on the 20th of December; after 5 days of revision, to see what aspects I need to revise on!

Here we go!

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