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Warwick Financial Management MSc vs CASS Finance MSc

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd start this thread in regards to a new MSc course offered by Warwick Business School. The Financial Management MSc, which currently, has very little available information due to it being a completely new course.

My goal is to eventually work in a front office position at an Investment Bank. I know Warwick currently offer an MSc in Finance which has a strong reputation, but I just do not have the profile to get in (sigh). Anyways, historically there has not been an alternative to the Finance MSc in Warwick. However, the new Financial Management MSc provides modules in Corporate Finance, Economics, Quants, Markets, Risk Management and Accounting so surely it's the next best thing right?

Swiftly moving on, how would this course compare to well established MSc courses in Finance offered by semi target Business Schools such as CASS? I am aware that the course offered by CASS is more relevant and it also has the advantage of being based in London. Despite this, Warwick is popular amongst IB's and is a target school for banks.

Warwick Financial Management MSc vs CASS Finance Msc? I will let you people decide (Now let's be honest, If I could get into Warwick MSc Finance I would not even bother starting this thread).
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Hey, I would like to know what you did finally. I have got an offer from Warwick to study MSc Business & Finance ( basically financial management) but I am pretty much confused. Your suggestion would be of great help.
Hey, did any of you end up doing this course and if yes , could you please share your experience.
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I have the same dilemma. What did you end up doing?

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