Anybody here smoke? Will you do me a survey please? Watch

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Hey guys,

I'm writing an essay on smoking in today's society and its view socially, if any of you are smokers, will you answer me some questions please?

Questions are below:

Age you started smoking:
Does smoking affect your job?:
Why did you start smoking?:
Why do you still smoke?:
Do you regret starting?:
What's your favourite thing about smoking?:
Do you have any health problems from it?:
Are you worried about the health risks?:
How many do you smoke a day?:
What brand do you smoke?:
Have you ever encouraged anyone to start smoking?:
Would you recommend smoking to non-smokers?:
Do your family smoke?:
Do they know you smoke?:
Would you ever quit smoking?:
What did you think about smoking before you started?

That's it! Thanks everyone who helps out.
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Age: 19
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student (at uni)
Does smoking affect your job? N/A. It doesn't really affect my life at uni though.
Why did you start smoking? Some of my friends at school did it. Not really peer pressure but I just thought I'd join in.
Why do you still smoke? I've not really tried to stop because of the effort associated with it. I will try to quit at some point.
Do you regret starting? Yes. It's not really worth it, but I do enjoy a cigarette sometimes.
What's your favourite thing about smoking? I find it relaxing.
Do you have health problems from smoking? Not anything major really but I get a bit short of breath at times.
Are you worried about the health risks? I don't think about them a lot but I know that there are health risks associated with smoking.
How many do you smoke a day? Normally around 9-10 a day. If i'm particularly stressed I might smoke more.
What brand do you smoke? Amber Leaf Rolling Tobacco.
Have you ever encouraged anyone to start smoking? No.
Would you recommend smoking to non-smokers? No.
Do your family smoke? My Dad used to smoke but he's now quit.
Do they know you smoke? They didn't when I first started, but they do now.
Would you ever quit smoking? Yeah, probably.
What did you think about smoking before you started? That smoking was 'cool' as many of the popular kids at school did it.

Hope that helps with your essay!

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