Help finding a good bachelor thesis topic (on music & advertising)

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Supervisor originally instructed me to look at the effect of one of these:

1. Vocal vs non-vocal advertisements
2. Song mood in advertising
3. song lyrics and advertisement message – semantic congruity

- on one of these:
a) brand attitude
b) emotional response ("affective response"
c) purchase intention

Among papers he instructed me to read was a sort of collection and summary of tons of different other papers:

Evaluating empirical research into music in advertising: A congruity perspective

S Oakes - Journal of Advertising Research, 2007 -

Well, I read through it and various other papers. I find them interesting, but..
My main problem is with regards to my good ideas about the different topics I could explore. I find the preliminary thoughts about my primary data collection (my own experiment) too difficult for my skills.

Some might think say that "don't make it too difficult, it's a bachelor's thesis. just make it simple". But my imagination really doesn't do compromises like that. If i want to oversimplify something (the research as well as my experiment), I'd need someone to tell me what to do.

I don't really mind what grade I'll get,l but I gravitate towards what is interesting and I lack the imagination to choose a simpler sub-topic, or a simple way to look at a sub-topic, in this area of study. So I would be open to suggestions that are less ambituous than I currently have.

Thanks very much in advance!

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