Applying for University in Italy -- Dichiarazioni di Valore: CONFUSED!!!!!

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I want to apply to the Free University of Bolzano to study engineering, but I have hit an obstacle.

Something all foreign applicants need to apply to any university in italy is a "dichiarazioni di valore" (declaration of value) which certifies that my qualifications are equivalent to italian ones.

There seems to be a very long process to do this so if anyone has any experience doing it I would greatly appreciate your help.

From what I understand, the steps are:
1. Get a solicitor to make "certified copies" of my A Level and GCSE certificates.
2. Send these copies to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to be "legalised" (which costs £30 + postage).
3. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office returns these to me with an "apostille", which legally says that the copies are all ok.
4. Complete an application form and send this, the "certified copies", the "apostille", and a letter of attendance from school, and a self addressed envelope.
5. HOPEFULLY get the dichiarazioni di valore back in the post!!

Phew that seems a lot. So if anyone can confirm whether this is what you need to do then I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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