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(Original post by Elle)
I'm a bit worried about missing the grades I need for Uni. So I need a back up plane if things go wrong. I don't want to go to a Uni outside the top 30 but If I don't get the grades I need (AAB) to get onto the Law course at Sheffield, (say I get ABB) there will be no chance of me getting onto another Law course through clearing at a top 30 Uni since it is so ridiculously competitive.

So.. I was thinking that I could apply to do another subject closley related such as English or Politics and then do a one-year transfer to Law at the end at Sheffield (as they want lower grades for those subjects) or another good Uni.

Thing is all my experience and my personal statement is based on Law and so if I do apply to another course do they see my personal statement for Law? and if they do, would it matter a lot that I hadn't originally gone for that course? Are English and Politics just as competitive as Law or could I find a decent place with ABB grades?

Or if I don't get in do you think I should just take a gap year and try my luck next year?

Sorry about the long post,
Any suggestions would be great!!
I think the most important thing is to be on a course that you love doing. The unrelated degree then CPE course is a very good way to become a lawyer, but if you are only thinking about the CPE while doing your main degree you run the risk of not enjoying the course, which is the reason, either directly or indirectly for most failures/drop-outs.

Firstly, I hope you meet the terms of your offer, but if not I would advise the following.
First, and most importantly phone your Uni. They will have got your results a week before and already made a decision. They aim to have a few more places than people meeting the grades, so that they can accept near-misses to fill their quota precisely. You may be one of those people.

English is also very competitive, and so you may not find the best courses offered through clearing. Politics is far more likely to have space in a good university.

Personally I would take the year out, try and find relevant employment, such as office dogsbody for a law firm, and re-apply either for law if the grades are good enough, or for an academic degree that interests you, such as the English or Politics you mentioned earlier.

If your grades are a near-miss then clearing may very well not be right for you, as ABB is probably too good to do yourself justice at many of the courses offered. In the end its your call, but the most important thing, is if you see an LLB course in clearing, check that it qualifies you for the exemption, otherwise you are still looking at doing a CPE at the end.
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