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I am currently living in Link Road, Tyler Hill, about a 15 minute walk from UKC campus with 3 other second year students. I am considering moving home after Christmas as I am only in one day a week and would rather commute as I do not live far from the university. My contract requires me to find a new tenant should I decide to leave so I am looking for anyone interested in replacing me from January 2017. One of the current tenants is planning on staying on for the academic year 2017-18 so this would also be an option for anyone who does decide to take up my contract.

The rent is very low considering the great location (near to campus, quiet, and right next to the amazing Tyler's Kiln), so if anyone is looking to cut costs and live close to campus this is a great opportunity.

Please send me a direct message for any more information about the current tenants, costs, room sizes and so on.

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