Grad Friends seem to be more professionally ahead than me

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We've all got undergraduate degrees and have/had aspirations of working in particular fields. There is three of us whom have maintained a connection over the years since 2011. Two of us studied the same course at undergraduate level, for me, with a view to going into the creative industries.

Initially I wanted to go into graphic/digital design/web design but I'm just not confident in my abilities anymore after many many rejections and seeing the fact industry is so over-subscribed. I have no desire to work for myself and I just feel completely uninterested now.

My mate whom studied same course went off to do an MA in the same discipline but focussed on research into wellbeing and mental health therapy within digital spaces, which led him in a different direction away from vocational design and industry.

He completed this, and now at a much better place and is undertaking an MRes at a RG institution in Social Policy, and far as I know enjoying it. He seems to have made the right choice and leapt into it and has some direction.

My other mate went and did a teaching related degree at BA level but didn't have QTS. He contemplated doing a PGCE but decided against it. After months of unsuccessful searching and dabbling with idea of going into gym instruction, he actually landed a role in a special ed school as an assistant, and as far as I'm aware he's taken to it well.

My plan was to try and get on an internship or scheme after uni, volunteer and try and build my portfolio and experience and hopefully land a role. It hasn't worked out at all that way, I've had two interviews in the last year, applied for tons of jobs and internships.

It's gotten to the point I've lost interest in my subject, so I've taken back to drawing board and tried to sell my degree within the technology fields (it been design for digital media). I'm trying to get on technology development/software related schemes to work in public sector or the gov, as I've always been politically engaged and care about people.

Currently I work in fast food to pay the bills, having moved across country to reside with Mrs., but it's left me more unhappy as I hate the job and no prospects and little money to enjoy life.

So far, in mid way through applications to civil service roles and schemes so fingers crossed. I feel very lost- just this morning I got rejection email from BBC for a researcher based role at MediaCity UK- which is disheartening.

In short, they both seem ahead and on track while I'm sat here with no real aim or direction.

I'm starting over really I feel, and I've had my cv looked at by careers at uni, but I find them a bit impractical and useless, since I live 150mile from campus now.
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(Original post by royal1990)
I know exactly where you're going wrong: you're comparing yourself to others. You shouldn't do that. You will progress, you're not going to stay in this position forever. Just make an active effort of getting yourself where you want to be and then nobody can fault you; not even yourself.

Everyone progresses at different paces, and just because they got different opportunities to you doesn't mean that they're better than you and that you can't get where you desire. Don't let it discourage you

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