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Can you poo a willy out?

When two people are doing a bit of anal sex (they can be a homosexual or heterosexual couple; we're all friends here), and the penis is inside the bottom, if the person on the 'receiving' end squeezes, can it push the penis out? Would the bum muscles be strong enough to compete against the invading sausage?

Let's also imagine in a seperate scenario that the person on the 'recieving' end is ready to evacuate their bowels during anal sex. If the 'reciever' squeezes while the penis is inside them, would the faeces assist in pushing the penis out in a more powerful manner?

I seem to be asking questions that don't appear to have been asked before.
I searched and found things like "Will I poo on his penis during anal sex" and "My boyfriend is pooping out of his penis" but that's not what I want.


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Nobody knows the answers to my questions. :frown:

Someone do a dissertation on this for me.
no don't worry :smile: speaking from experience
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Nobody knows :smile:
I read your description, but im just going to repeat the title over and over in my head because its hilarious

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