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I did AH History a few years ago and got an A1 (91%).

Higher History is mostly regurgitation and basic yet fundamental essay skills. However, imo I say it's pretty crucial for progression into AH History. It's not even the "knowledge" in Higher History which is important because you will study a completely different topic in AH. The most useful thing in Higher History is learning how to write a good history essay (and learning to do the PS questions which is integral). Writing good history essays is tricky.

Advanced Higher History is a step into university level work. The essays become much more advanced. There is a lot of knowledge to "memorise", but there's a much higher demand for detailed critical analysis in your essays. This is where you score most of your marks, and where most candidates struggle with- even at higher level. There's actually a reading list and it's mostly independent study. In Higher, you get fed most of your info through class. In Advanced Higher, you get set reading and you make your own notes. There's way more emphasis on historiography versus Higher History. You also have a dissertation to write.

I would only take a crash higher in AH history if you did particularly well in your other higher subjects which required essays. So if you got high A's (I am talking circa 85%) in English, Modern Studies etc and have an innate ability in written subjects, then AH History is a possibility.

A crash higher is readily doable but a crash AH, not so much. The skills you acquire at Nat 5 level are so rudimentary that it's perfectly okay to miss them out then crash a higher. However, missing out on the skills acquired in a Higher and then going to do an AH is not advisable. Especially, when the skillset used in the study of History is very particular. Even though I scored highly in AH History, I would not have dared to crash it.

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